Norriton Presbyterian Church was founded in 1678.   Originally founded as a Dutch Reformed Church (1674), the congregation soon became English with the influx of British settlers.  The stone structure was built in 1698.  This building still stands , and along with its graveyard, is one of the oldest Presbyterian Church buildings in the country.

Ben Franklin and David Rittenhouse are said to have worshiped here when they were visiting  David Rittenhouse’s parents, whose farmhouse is across from the church. The Rittenhouses deeded the property to the church.

The building was used as a hospital during the Battle of Germantown.  George Washington visited the wounded troops here.  Revolutionary War troops are buried in the graveyard.

Today “Old Norriton” is a shared sacred space between Lower Providence Church and Norriton Presbyterian Church.  Here at Norriton, we worship in Old Norriton on Christmas Eve at 11 p.m.;  4th of July Weekend as well as on special occasions.  In addition, Norriton and Lower Providence Presbyterian Church co-lead a Easter Sunrise Service.

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