Elders and Deacons

We have two governing bodies of our church.  The Session, made up of ordained elders, make the business and programmatic decisions of the church.  They are also responsible for the spiritual health of the congregation.  Our Board of Deacons, made up of ordained deacons, are the designated care givers of our congregation.  Both are elected by the congregation.

The Session

At Norriton Presbyterian Church we have an active Session that is vital to the daily function of our church.  The members of the session are elected by the congregation and serve for 3 year terms.  The Session is moderated by the Pastor of the Church.

Clerk of Session

Bill McMullen

Financial Secretary:  Ted Menard

Treasurer:  Mary Johnston


Class of 2020                        Class of 2021                      Class of 2021

Mary Johnston                        Janet Detweiler                    Chris Alburger

Cathy Miller                             Jo Shockley

Board of Deacons

Deacons are elected by our congregation and server for 3 years.

Class of 2020                       Class of 2021                     Class of 2022

Kristen Scanlon                        Cheryl Yost                           Ken Miller

Pam Flood                                                                                   Susan Titze