Hi! We’re the brick church building past the old church at the corner of Trooper Road and Germantown Pike.

We like to say that we’re “Small, but Mighty!” You might wonder how something can be small and mighty in this day and age. Well, you can find out by:

– joining us for worship on Sundays at 9:30 a.m.

– joining hands with us as we become God’s hands in the world through the mission work that we do here in Norristown through the Women’s Bridge Center or around the world through our Presbytery and churches in Zambia.

– learning about current issues and help us discover a faith based response (e.g. hunger in America).

– deepening your own spirituality through adult studies or just by sharing conversations with others in our church family over a cup of coffee.

Being family for one another, knowing each other by name, listening with the ears of Christ, reaching out in ways that family help one anther, and working together to share God’s love with the world is who we are.

If being known and in relationships with God and with others is something you yearn for then come! We welcome you!